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 Post subject: Equinox
PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:42 am 
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Am I right in thinking that this is a good place for feeding back about experiences with suppliers? If so...

Company: Equinox
Purchase: Full (10 piece bodykit) in December 2012.
Price: £695 (X-mas special price)
Collection costs - £115 (LWB transit van hire, diesel for a 200 mile round trip and dartford crossing charges) & a day off work

Recommend? Yep - definitely based on my experience so far!

Obviously collection costs aren't anything to do with Equinox, but I thought i'd include it for anyone who is interested - it all adds up as money spent...

Choosing the supplier could justify a whole thread on it's own so I won't go into it, I can't comment on any other bodywork supplier as I haven't seen their product in the flesh. Essentially the 'Christmas Special' price made it a no-brainer though.

Ordered the bodywork mid-December via the Equinox Website, payment made through PayPal so it all seemed good and safe. I had made a phone call a few days before to chat the order through - Dave at Equinox (I believe it is bascially just him running the business & doing all the work) answered the phone promptly and was very helpful. After i'd put the order on through the Equinox I followed it up with an email. Payment in full was required - but I was not too bothered about that because my PayPal is linked to my credit card.

Just before Christmas I got an email to say the panels were ready to collect. I emailled back about the dimensions of the panels and got a reply back via Ben Copeland who posts on here, Haynes and Locostbuilders, and has built a Haynes. It seemed a bit odd at the time - but when I finally met up with Dave 'Equinox' he explained that he knew very little about the Haynes and Ben lives locally and is probably the better source of any practical info about how the parts are installed etc. Perhaps I was being a bit twitchy - but the bodywork is probably the single most expensive thing i'll buy for the car - so I just wanted to be clear on who I was dealing with...

I suggested a pickup date by email and didn't hear back - but a follow up phone call was answered straight away - with an apology for not emailling back. Everything was OK for pickup and I found the place easily just following the postcode on the website.

On arrival everything was ready to go and packaged up in bubble wrap for the journey. Dave showed me some of the other stuff he works on (not solely car fibreglass) and I got the impression he was skilled at what he did. He talked about producing shells for Sports 2000 cars and some replica Ford RS200 parts too - which is much more expensive stuff than Haynes bodywork... I looked over the parts and they seemed fine - although I didn't unwrap them all to check every inch - but I wasn't being hurried out of the door with them by any means.

Dave was helpful with advice about how I'd go about cutting, drilling the parts - and happily answered my 'Noddy' questions. He even gave me a hand lifting it all into the van.

Time will tell whether I am 100% happy with the parts - but from the experience so far I would say Equinox seem like a good supplier and i'd happily do business with them again.


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