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PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:14 am 
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I fitted a Toyota 3SGTE engine (195kw) to my ride and I ended up with a car that was temperamental, outright dangerous (especially in my town which has no traffic lights and only decent circles) and I nearly cashed in my chips. Even with boost totally down to 4psi - direct from turbo to dump valve actuator - the car still looses its tail when the boost hit which nearly resulted in a fatal for me had things gone differently.

I removed the engine and considered a 20 valve 4AGE black top Toyota engine which is engine of choice in SA, but after a drive in my buddy's car decided it was not for me since the engine needs to be kept on the boil (7000 - 8500rpm with max torque only available at about 7200rpm) to really perform which is not my kettle of tea. For last 20 years I only drove diesel powered cars and used to torque and laid back style.

Got hold of a low tech 8 valve pushrod (hydraulic lifters) Toyota 4Y engine (2.2l fuel injection and coil pack ignition) complete with engine harness fitted with OEM computer box from my friend whom totaled his truck and let me have the engine. It only makes 85kw @ 4200rpm but a load of 195nm torque at only 2300rpm and that transformed my car in such away that the car is now bigger than the sum of its parts. 8-) Tractability is out of this world and accelerating away with urgency in 4th gear at only 1000rpm is just a little push on the load pedal away - no hesitation or hiccups, just a smooth serious push in the back.
Pottering around in 5th top gear at 1500rpm and hitting the pedal a little also just send the car forward at an unreal pace that has to be experienced to be believed :twisted:

BUT, the car still hauls ass in a big way and continuous black stripes from standstill to second gear changes (which happens very fast) just a formality if needed and I had done a few times runs with GPS for true speeds and constantly do 0 - 100kph runs in the low to mid 5 seconds range which in any language is fast enough for most people. But, I used my car as a daily and clocks up to about 300km weekly and with this engine I can now explore the fantastic handling / suspension to my limits without fear of the engine overpowering me. In short, I have the prefect sports car now.

Reason for this post; less is sometimes more, especially in a light weight Seven car. Forget what others think and use the engine you have or can afford. If its and old Kent crossflow Ford engine, or Sierra unit or any other engine from a donor, use it especially if it is an engine with lots of torque low down which will transform the drive-ability of your car.
Anyhow, its been said many times by many in the know that the perfect match for a Seven is around 100hp and everything more is wasted on the car.... Strange but true - been there, done that ;)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:38 am 
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Non turbo is the way to go for sure, I was taken for a spin in a 375hp race tuned lightweight caterham and that was N/A . A nice spread of torque over a large rev range. Like the westfield Seight with the rover lump , all usable right down to 1000rpm in top gear. Glad you have the car sorted and are enjoying it Wynand , whats the next project??? :)


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